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School Council

We are the School Council.

We represent the children's voice, giving all children at Holy Trinity the chance to share our ideas and have our say. We encourage everyone to think of great ideas to help the school to become even more effective.

We have meetings where we discuss issues and try to solve problems that arise.
All children have the opportunity to air their views in circle time discussions, then we put over these views at School Council meetings.

The school council will work hard to raise awareness and funds to improve our school environment. We will be exploring many ways to improve the current practices to ensure the children of Holy Trinity feel happy, healthy and safe whilst at school.

Our School Council is an elected body of children made up of two representatives from each class. We hold school wide elections every September in which all children take part and which we use to highlight the importance of democracy – a fundamentally British value.

The School Council meet each week and discuss important issues, as well as taking a lead role in organising fundraising.

Please see our newsletters for more details of their brilliant work.