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Our Maths Curriculum is based on a mastery approach as it is essential that our children understand the concepts of maths and can apply these to real life situations to become independent adults.  

Instead of learning mathematical procedures by rote, we want pupils to build a deeper understanding of concepts which will enable them to apply their learning in different situations.

There are three key principles at the heart of our curriculum: deep understanding, mathematical thinking and mathematical language, with problem solving at the centre of it all. We believe that it is important for children to be able to talk confidently, using relevant vocabulary, about their maths and explain their thinking. Likewise, a crucial part of a 'deep understanding' in maths is being able to represent ideas in many different ways, through using resources and being able to represent a concept/problem pictorially.

In order for our children to become confident mathematicians, they are given opportunities to explore, recognise patterns, hypothesise and be empowered to let problem solving take them on new and unfamiliar journeys.