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The performing arts are an integral part of what we offer to all children - we know that having the opportunity to find, nurture and celebrate an interest or talent can be the key that unlocks the curriculum and fosters a life-long love of school and learning.

At Ramsgate Holy Trinity, drama and dance are taught by a specialist teacher. Each child has a separate lesson of dance and drama each week, from the very first weeks in Reception, until they leave us in Year 6.

The way in which we approach dance and drama allows us to nurture and promote what we call the '9 C’s': confidence, communication, co-operation, creativity, control, concentration, collaboration, courage and commitment. All life-long skills that mean our children leave us prepared and motivated to do well and make their mark on the world.


In drama, we focus on exploring high quality fiction texts using drama strategies, which not only develops their de-coding skills but also helps inspire and inform their reading. Children work collaboratively to explore storylines, characters and themes using improvisation.

Once in Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6), we borrow skills normally taught in drama and performing arts in secondary schools as we have found high expectations mean our children far exceed the requirements of the Primary National Curriculum for drama.

Alongside this, each year group is given the opportunity to work towards a production using drama, dance and song that is shared with friends and family, as well as smaller performances to their class or other children in school.

Throughout the year, children also have the opportunity to take part in whole school productions. This gives children the opportunity to work collaboratively with children of all ages and creates truly spiritual moments in which the whole school comes together as a community.



In dance, a theme, topic or musical is explored across the whole school using choreographic devices often not normally taught before children reach secondary school. They learn to use dance actions to create work that tells a story, expresses an idea or portrays an emotion. In collaboration with the teacher, they create movement pieces that enable them to use their bodies in different ways, taking risks safely, and extending and developing their movement vocabulary.

We encourage children to discuss and reflect on their performing arts work confidently, using subject specific terminology, giving them good preparation for life beyond Ramsgate Holy Trinity.